The ELLS Chair and the University of Hohenheim invite all students from ELLS universities to submit an abstract for an oral / poster presentation for the


8th ELLS Scientific Student Conference

"Bio-Based Economy for a Sustainable Future"

Open your mind to new thinking, share with your ideas, gain knowledge, promote your work


To present your work at the conference your abstract (+ academic CV) has to be submitted online by June 30, 2016.  

Please read the instructions on how to prepare your abstract very carefully before you submit your abstract.

Please create only one account per submitting author.

After you create the account, the system will allow you to return and edit, delete or withdraw your abstract at a later stage.


Deadline for submission is:  June 30, 2016, 24:00 Central European Time.

How to prepare your abstract
Please read this instruction carefully and proceed to the abstract submission system (login to your account, on left side menu click on - Send Abstract).

1. Title: maximum 30 words are allowed, do not format the title in bold or underline. Use capital letters ONLY when absolutely necessary

2. Thematic questions: Please allocate your abstract to a suitable thematic question that can be selected from a list.

You can choose from:

  1. Securing worldwide food supply

  2. Producing healthful and safe food

  3. Improving efficient and sustainable agricultural production

  4. Novel energy carriers based on biomass

  5.  Advances in biotechnology

  6. Developing renewable resources industrially

  7. Managing climate and environment

  8. Animal genomics, animal health and animal welfare

  9. Social and economic dimensions of bioeconomy

  10. Other aspects of bioeconomy

3. Justification: Please explain, why your abstract fits chosen sub-theme. Maximum 70 words are allowed. 

4. Keywords: A minimum of 3 keywords, describing your work, needs to be entered (maximum 5).

5. Abstract Text: The text cannot exceed 300 words, excluding title and authors (minimum 200 words).Tables, graphics, photos etc. are not allowed.

6. Presentation Preferences: Please indicate your preference in this step, especially in case you do not want your abstract to be selected as oral presentation. You can choose from: oral presentation, poster presentation.

7. Authors: Enter Name and Surname of authors, a maximum of 5 authors is allowed.
If there is more than one author, please be aware that only one person would be able to present oral presentation/poster during the SSC 2016.
Choose who will be presenter and who will attend the ELLS SSC 2016 as an audience.
All names will be published in the book of abstract.

ELLS SSC is only open for students from ELLS Universities (study program level: Bachelor, Master and first year of PhD presenting their master thesis). If your work was created with teacher from your University you can write his name in Acknowledgements.

8. Acknowledgements:Type the name and surname of anyone who might have helped you with your abstract.

9. Submission Summary: The summary page will display all information related to your abstract. Please make sure you save the summary page for you records. This system has an email confirmation, which will be send just after submission of your abstract is done.

Corrections- Withdrawal

Changes and withdrawals can be made until the deadline of June 30, 2016. You are able to come back and make modifications until the deadline.


For support during the submission process, please send an email to registration: ------

Selection of Abstracts

All submitted abstract will be reviewed by Scientific Committee (scientists from all ELLS Universities) in July-August 2016. Authors will be notified by the beginning of September whether their abstract has been accepted. Notification of final assignment (oral presentation or poster) will follow in due course.

After June 15th a committee at each ELLS university will do a pre-selection of submitted abstracts. The final selection of oral and poster presenters will take place at UHOHand will be published in the beginning of September.

Authors of the 5 top-grade abstracts at each university will have covered accommodation costs (3 nights) by UHOH. In addition each university may support authors with travel scholarships.

The best oral presentations and posters will be awarded with the ELLS SSC Prize for Presentation (2 prizes for oral presentations and one prize for poster presenters per category. 1st prize oral: € 300 each ; 2nd prize oral: € 200 each; 1st prize poster: € 200 each)

Contact persons:

If you need more information, please ask your local contact persons::

BOKU: Ulrike Piringer

CULS: Jaromír Němec

SCIENCE: Ida Arendal Jørgensen

WUR: Jeroen Ouburg

UHOH: Gabriele Klumpp

SLU: Gabrielle Lagerkvist

SGGW- WULS: Katarzyna Kowalska

LU: Dee Coleman

HUJI: Noa Schwarzwald

CALS: Christine Potter

CAU: BI Leilei